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© 2019 by Ava Anouk

:: the ethereal IT'er ::
























Ava is an innerworld traveller, writer, clairvoyant & -sentient energy explorer and a huge nature lover. A modern mystic. She lives in Utrecht with a cosy bunch of plants, crystals and guinea-pigs. 

First of all, two names, what's up with that?

Ava is her soulname. This sound resonates deeply. It was just there one day and it felt like the only true choice to be called this. Anouk is the name she was given by her parents. These two names together, both appreciated, feel as the 'total package' of who she is. Heaven and earth. Both are ok, but uses Ava as her calling name.



​:: Mission ::

Supporting people to have their physical & ethereal system collaborate and co-create. Merging the high frequencies of soul energy (lightstar) with the lower vibrating, denser physical matter (both from the same source though; both love). By clearing the physical form it can 'carry' more lightstar energy and raise your vibration. Which will attract things to you that are more in line with this soul energy radiating outwards.

Clearing the physical system, making it more spacious and therefor radiating more soul energy outwards, is an adventure of high(er) consciousness, awakened senses and clarity.


Ava has educated herself in the ethereal & physical field and experimented and experienced a lot, what now seems to make her a 'walking encyclopedia' with tools, exercises and knowledge.


And she'll probably do that her whole life, dedicated; explore, feel, learn & adjust. The only constant in life is change, right. She'll happily share those findings, inspiration and transmissions with those on this  adventure with her!


Offering 'catalysts' and light up the earth together. 

:: Life Support ::
Her strength lies in her love for the practical; you have to féél & experience it yourself.

​Only then will you remember it in your system, will it trigger you(r) (energy).


A crystal, an exercise, an experience, a spoken word.

All is energy, all is vibration.

This is what she does: offering you things to experience and with that catalyse your energy to clear up and transform. Transformation is nothing more than a change, a shift. A (mostly unconscious) 'aha' in your system. And everyone has to experience this for themselves, as individuals. 

The things she presents you (or touches in you) are often reviewed as 'bulls eye', thanks to her clairvoyance & -sentience and your intuitive choice to be supported and mirrored by her.  


What is the 'sore spot'? What creates a blockage in your system? What is the area or theme you can release and obtain more spaciousness? She is trained in 'reading' people's energies and using her body as a channel, a 'conduit'. She gives words to your energy and helps to make it insightful.


Ava is simply an energy 'translator' and explorer, really.

She'll lovingly walk beside you on your path

to inspire, catalyse and support you.


background story

Ava started her entrepreneurship initially at age 22, as a fashion designer. Right after graduating as 'Bachelor of Design' she created the label Avadem. From design, to pattern drawing to sewing, the whole process she managed. And then she sold her designs in stores, at creative markets, via a build webshop and she organised fashion shows & photoshoots. Oh the artist life. Long nights at the drawing table or sewing machine.

Everything seemed to go as 'planned'. A nice home, studio, cute pets & a passion to live for. But, after about five years of working her ass off, life took an unexpected turn. She burned out, got an auto-immune disease, a severe fear-disorder, her longterm relationship (with whom she lived together) ended, she got straight into a depression and her body stopped functioning. All. At. The. Same Time.

Suddenly, she found herself in this 'flesh prison' that wasn't working anymore.

You know, the 'always busy', wrong nutrition, just keep on going, not taking any time for emotions, putting herself last and taking her health for granted; made sure that the body (& soul) was dóne and stepped on the breaks. #resetmode

Mennnn, we often live so disconnected from our body & soul. Living a half life, really.

Life seemed a never-ending to do list, and that couldn't do on any longer.



:: Divine Intervention ::

Well, that got solved, because simply going out of the house, visiting a supermarket, sleeping or getting herself under the shower became a challenge. A combination of a body that wasn't functioning properly (read: washed-out dishcloth) together with panic attacks.

So, there was no other way to go than inwards.

This brought her on a new, more spiritual path. She changed her body care & nutrition (closer to nature), dove even further into the physical & energy body and (re)discovered her internal world.

Feeling what you need first, checking in with yourself, and thén doing,

instead of making something up with your mind and just doing it.

Wow, big shift. #ongoing.


:: Heaven on Earth ::

She walked a long & rough path back to health and learned to see the body as a gateway to life; the body ís life, it gives us this experience. It's manifested 'high density' energy to experience the universal consciousness (call it love, light, source or the divine) in physical form. 

A journey from 'heavenly' light in an earthly body.

(both from the same source though, beautiful that (non?)duality)

If you look at it this way, human life becomes óne big adventure with earth as your playground.

Woah! Yes and more please!

In the meantime, Ava has her life back in threefold, as you might understand. 

Ready to inspire & support!