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© 2019 by Ava Anouk

:: 7 movements to transform your energy  ::


I've finally gathered all the beautiful bodywork tools that I use for myself and teach my clients,

and created an online program so that more people can experience them.


7 movements to transform energy using your body.

Know that this is not your usual course, simply obtaining knowledge by reading. Nope. You will be dóing the movements. Working with energy is something you need to feel & EXPERIENCE yourself to understand. For it to 'click' in your system.


So, this 7-week online program is an exploration journey with your body. I'll take you through 7 bodywork tools (via video), so that you can experience them, feel the transformation and add them to your 'body vocabulary'.

Simple. Practical. Game-changers.





Dude, say no more. Just take me there, I want IN!












:: Why bodywork? ::

We humans tend to go through life pushing down emotions because they are (too) intense or not convenient at that time, so these emotions (or energies: emotion = energy-in-motion) are likely to get stuck in your dense, physical energy. Your body. Meaning: it's unprocessed, it hasn't left you.

Not FULLY experiencing an emotion, means, it can't leave and you keep dragging it around. And in (subtle) ways, that will keep influencing your life. Emotions are to be experienced, so that they MOVE THROUGH you. 


Your body is a channel, not a storage place.


:: Your Universe ::

I see this in my practice all the time, people having to 'digest' emotions from experiences long ago. Sometimes even from birth. Or other lives. Jup. Earth recycles the physical energy, our bodies go 'back to earth' and are reborn from the same material, so, we all carry fractions (& wisdom) of other lives in us. 

Ok. A little warning.


Do know that when you start the process of 'touching' the places where energy got stuck, you kind of make it worse first. Possibly. Like taking away a few jenga pieces in a jenga tower; the whole tower collapses and all the pieces are piled up. This happens because the tension the structure was based on, is relieved. After that, you can slowly start to pick up the pieces, one by one, and really séé & experience them.


And watch your energy lighten & transform.

It's not easy, but it's LIBERATING.

Why? Because you create more room in your physical energy for your (high frequented) soul energy. You kickstart the process of releasing blocks & 'dead energy' that you've been carrying around.

Meaning: you'll become lighter.


You'll start to vibrate at a higher level, because you are embodying more soul energy.


When you 'clean up' your body becomes more vital, sensorial and more conscious, of, well, EVERYTHING. And life will start to align with your truth, as your soul energy shines through vividly. 


Your energy is creating your universe. The way you experience life.


Using body alchemy, it all becomes a fun game.

Feeling freakin' alive!


So. Wanna play?


:: What you'll experience & learn  ::




──── ∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ ────



Oh, HECK yés.

I wish to experience & learn these 7 body alchemy tools,

and I'm taking myself on this transformational journey with my body!

week #1 - the Earthquake

week #2 - the Serpent Spine

week #3 - the Activator

week #4 - the Calibrator

week #5 - the Tornado

week #6 - Clawing

week #7 - the Infinity Spark

Bonus video: tapping into feminine & masculine energy 

+ Body Alchemy Map