The story of how I knew I was clairvoyant.

In 2016 I got sick, and was guided to clean up a lot of old energy inside myself. I cocooned for almost 2 years, roaming around in my darkness in a body that was healing.

Something I'm now very thankful for, but if you would've met me then you would not have recognised me.

I was a bit like the scruffy baby pigeons that you see in my stories. Chaotic, bare & in the process of growing my wings.

Somewhere around the 'end' of that chapter in my life, I sat on the couch next to my dad.


'Dad, did you know your liver isn't working properly?' I said.

'It's not vibrating right.'

We looked at each other funny and in disbelief.

He didn't take me seriously, and actually, neither did I.

But a few weeks later he went to a therapist, I can't even remember what kind, and she mentioned a certain skin reaction and said to him 'you réally need to detox your liver'.

When he called me to tell me, I laughed.

And I started to take myself & this skill seriously - and train it.

I guess it popped up because I became more aware of, well, everything, through my process of cleaning up and healing.

The relationship with my body changed, and therefor - my senses too.

There simply was, and is, more room to receive information like that.

Be it through third eye seeing, hearing, smelling or a sensorial energyfield.

And you know what, all humans can do this.

We are DESIGNED this way.

We are designed to feel energy.

Designed to receive and act upon that, as we are portals of soul/god/light on earth.

But usually, we get so caught up in earthly life and to be honest - overstimulated with things that don't matter - that we miss these pieces of information. Cause they are subtle.

Or, we're just unaware/closed off to it.

So, if you want guidance, try to be still and make space in yourself for it.

Ask for it.

'Where am I blocked?'
'What may I do?'
'Where may I go?'

It'll come if you are réally open to receive.

It might not come in ways that you'd think of, or that you'd wish for - but it'll come.

Soul is there.

And the more you are able to spread that soul energy through your body and outwards, the more sensorial & knowledgeable you'll become.

Líving your human magic.

°•* Ava.

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