There áre shortcuts.

'Personal growth is a job. You need to be disciplined about it, do 'the work'. Keep moving forward, learn, take on different areas of ur life and uncover ur sh*t piece by piece.'

This is how I've been living for the past years. Dedicated. Plowing through my dark. I didn't believe in shortcuts.

Meditation & movement, every day.

And whilst there is truth to that vision and it helped me get to where I am now, it's also very onesided & incomplete.

Yes I still think discipline is needed.

Doing maintenance, keeping ur energy open.

But mennn I could be so harsh on myself when I missed a couple of daily meditations or bodywork sessions.

Not giving myself room to 'flow' with what is.

Not trusting that I would pick it up at the right moment again.

Funny thing is; you will.



All happens as it should, for your benefit (if u like it or not).


I realised that there áre 'shortcuts'.

Sometimes it's something another human says.


Or something u see and suddenly understand.

Sometimes it's a few minutes of clarifying journalling. Feeling a movement.

A potent healing session.


Or, visiting a certain place and receiving a download.


Whatever it is, something just instantly CLICKS in your system and everything changes.


You don't need to 'work' for it at all, it just happens.

How? By NOT controlling and planning.

Some days it's more helpful to just wander.

To go with the flow and see where it takes you. What do you féél like doing?

And when you notice you're starting to avoid things; back to discipline.

Back to 'doing the work' and getting yourself on that meditation pillow and sit with whatever.


You see, we need both.

Discipline and surrender. Masculine and feminine.

Being a steady pillar in a streaming river, or a leaf in the wind.

You'll know when to switch.

Trust yourself in this. You can't fck up.

You are doing everything EXACTLY right.

°•* Ava.

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