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the Earthquake.

 tool #1 

Yes! We're kicking-off with one of my favourite movements. One that changed my relationship with and understanding of my body for good. It has many names, but I call it the Earthquake.

Since I've come to known this exercise I've been doing it (almost ;)) every day. It's amazing. And the long-term results are even móre amazing. 

After a few weeks of doing this movement regularly, you'll feel incredibly light.

There is less 'old stuff' stuck in your physical body - weighing you down and influencing your life. Old, unprocessed emotions & energies. You don't need to carry that around, love.

Shake it out, literally. :)

Also, I've personally experienced that the longer you do the Earthquake, as in - trúly implementing it in your life and making it a daily ritual, the more sensitive you (& your body) will become.  

 Say hello to more intense pleasure & sensations.

By doing the Earthquake you are shaking 'petrified' energies to the surface (like lava bubbling up), ask your body to let go and heal. Re-group & create space. 

The energy-flow in your body improves.

If you ask me, it's necessary upkeep. Giving your body the opportunity to release anything it's been (unnecessary) holding onto. And in our society, we tend to hold in a lót, so doing this daily is BLISS. 

This movement is the últimate release, baby.

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to féél."


- Kevin Trudeau



Try to implement this movement in your life at a specific moment every day this week. Maybe when you've just woken up, before preparing your breakfast or maybe before stepping into bed at night. It doesn't matter when, but pick a specific time of the day and make it a ritual.


Stick a post-it where you can see it, so you'll remember to do the Earthquake. ;)


And if you feel like doing it multiple times a day, go for it! I recommend doing this because a new movement 'sticks' when it's done more often. Creating a new pathway in your body by doing it regularly, so that it'll be added to your body's vocabulary.  


After a while your body will (subconsciously) remember the movement as an option, and you'll start to feel when it's time for some Earthquakes. For some release.


Your body will ASK for it.  


So when it's 'saved' in your system and vocabulary, you can go at it intuitively and do it whenever. But still, I'm all for daily upkeep. :)



And above all - this goes for all of the tools I'm sharing in this course - make sure that you feel SAFE to release. Maybe close the curtains. Ask for protection and guidance. Have some tea & a blanket ready to wrap around you when you are done, to comfort yourself. Ask someone for a hug after if you went in really deep. <3 


Maybe take a walk or journal after & touch your body to 'come back into reality' again.


Really ground yourself again after.


Because doing this will make you tap into old emotions that need processing. Emotions you couldn't deal with at the time - but you now can. This can go deep & dirty, but know that it's ok. Trust yourself that you can take it now & move through it, or it wouldn't have come up. 



So. Are you ready to experience it yourself?




#1 - Stand up, unlock your knees & close your eyes. 

#2 - Start bouncing your whole body softly from the knees. Feel into where your body wants to be 'shaken' and move around a bit while doing the bouncing. If not, know that simply doing the bouncing is enough too. Energy will start to come loose after a while.



Oh, and a great tip!


When you start to feel like you're 'done' with it, stick with it for another minute. Trust me.


Usually the moment when we get uncomfortable and want to quit, is the moment before a 'breakthrough'. But our mind can act up, trying to 'keep you safe' and not wanting to go there. Keep moving (through it). Really!


>> Read the 'Important Pointers' below & click on the video for a demonstration. <<




Movement - When doing this standing up, remember to unlock your knees and slowly start bouncing from there. Let your entire body relax and close your eyes to not be distracted, go inwards. Experiment with the pace and depth of your 'bounce' from the knees and try to find places in your body that feel a little stiff or stuck - move those. Oh, and if you bend over a little, you can 'quake' specific places in your back, specific vertebras.
If you're laying down, you simply kick your feet up and down, to start the vibration. 
I talk about doing this after a yoga session, but you can do this in bed too! Before sleeping for example, shaking loose all that you've held during the day. Rocking your body gently.

Very convenient when you forgot the Earthquake that day and you can't sleep. ;) 

Duration - Try it for at least 5 minutes a day. Some days you'll want to 'quake' for 20 minutes, and on other days 5 min feels enough. Depending on how deep & thorough you want to let go and what you've been through that day or the day before. How much you need to 'digest'.
Depth - Know that the longer you shake, the deeper (more buried) energies start to come loose. Things that've been stored years ago. Like a heavy stain in a shirt, needing a good couple of rinses & soaks to truly be gone. And the beauty is, you don't have to understand any of it (and please don't try to), you just have to experience it. Move through it. Your body knows things your mind can't comprehend. Go with it.

And, don't forget to sigh! LOUDLY. Sighing and sounding are perfect ways to release.
Open your mouth a little, let your jaw relax

Extra tip - do this on a song that brings up a certain memory,
if you réally want to dive in there and release that.

 ∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ 

Wishing you happy/heavy quaking this week! 

>> Next up: the SERPENT SPINE. <<


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