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tool #5

the Tornado.

Turning your body into a tornado is FUN! And such a relief.
It's a movement of the spine, but unlike the Serpent Spine (#2), you can do this one sitting down. The Tornado enables you to release yourself of blockages in the spine too.
Which is, as I've mentioned before, your highway of energy.

This movement doesn't require anything but the movement itself. So you don't need to visualize. You don't need to lie down. You don't need a mat. You don't (really) need music.

Simply start the movement and the energy will follow.

It's like a glass of water. When you start to move it in a circular way, it will slowly start to create a vortex (or a whirlpool). Small at the base, slowly coming up and outwards. If you keep doing that, it will get bigger and eventually will continue swirling on its own. 

When it's at full force it will absorb everything in that swirl. All gets 'taken'.

You can do this with your spine too. 


So I've been taught that going clockwise (to the right) is making the energy stream go down into earth, and going counter-clockwise (to the left) is making the energy stream go upwards and out. Like twisting a screw up or down.

Sometimes I want to 'swirl' all the energy together and let it go downwards.
And on other days I like to get into a tornado and let the sky take it all.

You can try both ways, see what is most comfortable for you at the time.


#1 - Sit down somewhere you can't be disturbed. If you like, make it a safe space for you.
Light a candle, burn some palo santo and set the intention for doing sacred bodywork.

#2 - Turn on some music if u like. This is optional, not necessary, but in my experience it helps you to get into the movement, almost like a meditation. To let your body flow with the music. (I wrote down the song I use in the video in the subscription box of it.)

#3 - Start the movement in whatever direction feels good to you and kéép going. Do it for at least a few minutes to get fully into the tornado and feel its effect when you're at full force.

#4 - Slow down to stillness and feel your body.

Usually the energy vortex keeps going for a while after, so sit quietly until you feel it has stopped. Just like the whirlpool in a glass, it needs time to get to stillness again.

>> Read the 'Important Pointers' below & click on the video for a demonstration, including an example of one of my practices.


Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 00.42.23.png


☽ Don't get up right after the movement. Trust me. Stay seated & give the energy vortex some time to come to stillness first. Or you'd might be a bit dizzy standing up.

☽ Start from the hips, the pelvis & make circular movements. That is where the movement starts.

☽ If you have neck-problems or pain, don't overdo it! Try to make a circle the size of an apple, with your crown. Tiny circles will be just as effective, but the vortex may take just a little longer to come to full force. 

☽ You can take your hands with you in the movement, this feels amazing! Like your entire body is in a swirl. But try to keep your focus on the spine. 

∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ 

Tornado away this week! Swirl everything up (or down) and out. 

>> Next up: CLAWING. <<

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