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tool #6


Anger. Frustration. Anxiety. Fear. All emotions that make your body tense up immediately.
And there is usually one of 2 things we do, how we have learned to deal with these emotions. We either try to keep it inside, like putting the lid on a cooking pan. Or, we turn into a grumpy gremlin and dump it all over our environment and the people in it. Not. Good. 

But most importantly,
neither makes you feel (truly) better or transforms your energy.

Not many humans enjoy feeling these primal emotions, so we try to deal with them as 'civilised' as possible.
Which means that a lot of us are walking around cut off from their power, their primal fire
Never having learned how to manage it, move it through safely.
And with all this (old) tension stored in the body it's very hard to feel yourself properly. You get more and more disconnected from feeling things with (or in) your body, because energy can't move freely through a clenched-up body.

It's like trying to feel water, when you clench your fist around it it will be pushed out. It doesn't want to stay or flow there. But when you softly cup it, relaxed & open, you can feel the sensation of the water in your hand.
In a relaxed state your human sensations deepen.

So please, let's feel our primal emotions, move them through, but, take responsibility for them and 'out' them safely. So that you won't hurt yourself (storing all that tension and possibly exploding in the future) or others. 
It's good to feel angry, anxious or frustrated, there's so much POWER in that energy! 
That primal energy rising from your core. Hmmrrrrr yeah! But letting it explode or implode, is basically self-destruction.  
So let's explore this 'tool' (Clawing) to use that energy for your highest good,
to féél your power in that and to channel them through your body safely.

Clawing is a movement to be with your primal emotions, 
and even make it hella FUN!



" Moaning & meowing time is over. It's time to roar "


#1- First, make sure you let the people around you know that you're going into a 'clawing session'.  That you need a minute to process something. They might be startled/feel unsafe if you just go for it on the spot.. Or, simply excuse yourself from the situation if you don't feel comfortable doing this around people (yet).

#2 - You can do this standing up, with your knees unlocked. Or seated on your knees, on a meditation pillow or a toilet (haha) depending on where you are. But make sure you have some room at arm-length.

#3 - Close your eyes, feel into the emotion and take a deep breath. Tell your body 'let's have some fun with this. I want to feel it all!'.

#4 - Then, turn your hands into a pair of claws, like you're holding some huge oranges, and start clawing in the air. Maybe slowly at first to feel into the energy, and intensify if you need to. Let some sounds come up from deep in your belly, roarrrr!

#5 - After you've clawed your way through that energy, or better; gave it an outlet, you take a moment to feel your body. Does it tingle? Vibrate? Do you feel heat? Do you need to laugh/cry/sigh? This is pure primal energy moving through your body. Feels gooood right!? Makes you feel freakin' alive.

>> Read the 'Important Pointers' below & click on the video for a demonstration, including an example of one of my practices. 


☽ Keep tension in the hands, that is how you really 'grab' the intensity of the energy and help guide it outwards. 

☽ Try different versions of clawing, see what feels good at the moment. You can alternate hands, claw above your head, claw like you're digging in the floor, claw like you're clawing your own energyfield 'open' or simply push & pull your claws in front of you.

☽ Keep moving for at least a few minutes. You can feel when you've 'clawed your way through' an emotion when it changes. You feel relief or anger turns into sadness for example. Then stop, and feel it out. 

∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ 

Feel into your primal energy this week! Get those claws out! 

>> Next up, the last one: the INFINITY SPARK. <<

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