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tool #7

the Infinity Spark.

As above, so below, right?
This universe is filled with dualities. Death/life, soul/body, dark/light, earth/sky. But actually it isn't, because it's all (made up of) the same energy. It's all source/love/god. Confusing? To our human mind: yes. To our soul: no. 

We can féél that we're connected, that we're all the same. No one is 'better' or 'more' than the other.
We're all human. We all live, we all love, we all die. It's life.
But then again, we all experience life differently, in separate & unique bodies. So there's the 'all', the collective, and there's the 'ego'. I know people talk badly about 'the ego', but ego is just 'I'. Ego is the combination of body, soul and mind.

'A conscious thinking subject' they say in philosophy. 

There's a conscious, collective energy present in all egos, the soul energy that makes us 'alive' & aware. In plants, animals & humans. All our bodies are made of earthly matter - that's also universal energy, just denser.
We are the universe experiencing its own consciousness.

Aargh. Baffled yet? The non-duality of duality. Amazing and fascinating topic. But, don't take my words for truth, as this is my personal perspective as a human. Feel into it for yourself!
As I see it, a human has 3 centers.
The head: our thinking mind, the brain.
The heart: our energetic center, the soul.
The belly: the center of our body, the 'I'.

And these together are your 'ego', they co-create your life, YOUR experience here on earth. As 1 human in the 'all'. For the Infinity Spark we focus on the energetic center, the heart. 

It's a real heart opener and balancer of above & below,
making you feel (y)our infinite consciousness.

Remember that ALL is love. A co-creation of ethereal & earth.
Life (soul in body), is love.
You áre love.



#1 - Sit on a chair, on the floor on your knees or on a meditation pillow.
Close your eyes and do a quick bodyscan. How do you feel right now? Do you feel connected to heaven/above? Do you feel connected to earth/below?

#2 - Start making the infinity symbol slowly, either with your hands or elbows.
But make sure your hands stay at or keep crossing your heart, so that your energetic center gets activated and the energy around it accelerated. Merging above and below. 

#3 - When you start to feel high (or out of breath), stop. Feel it out.
Maybe your ears start ringing. Maybe you feel tingling or heat. Maybe you feel your heart. 
Just féél whatever is there and enjoy the sensation.

>> Read the 'Important Pointers' below & click on the video for a demonstration.


Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 00.50.57.png
Cosmic Spiritual Awakening Digital Art.j


☽ Keep. Breathing. I know when you get really into this movement there's a tendency to hold your breath. When that happens, go slower and breathe deep into your belly. It's important to stay connected to your body all the while 'sparking' your energetic center. 

☽ Go up and down with FULL awareness and play with the intensity of your movement. Go slower and faster, feel what this acceleration does to your energy. Try out different speeds.

☽ Let your spine move naturally with the movement, don't try to hold it still. Let your body flow with the infinity symbol.

∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ 

This week is about feeling your divinity, sparking your energetic center.

>> Next up: the Bonus <<

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