Why I don't do predictions.

'In the next month you'll find the perfect house.' or 'Yes she is your soulmate and even if you're apart right now I see that you'll be together again in the future'. Or, 'do this and this and you'll get that'.

Omg, NO.

What happens, if this person integrates it - aka believes you - is that you'll harm this human's contact with their own intuition.

Their own wisdom.

💫 Yes I/we can channel all knowing universal information, but there's always the human filter - because you are in a conditioned body.

💫 Yes it might feel true in that moment, but things change. We make choices. Choices that alter our path at any given moment.

💫 And yes, that thing might actually happen because it's now 'planted' into their field/awareness and that will attract it, but, is that right? My gut says no.

Giving out predictions like that has nothing to do with love or care - only power.

Don't give away your power by believing another before yourself.

This is also very applicable for family btw. 'You can't do that' or 'He is not right for you.'

It's just noise (and only from their perspective).

Beautiful human, YOU know best, always.

Follow your own soul, your path - no matter what anyone says.


I WILL give you advice from my experience or translate what's in your energy, when asked.

I WILL support you in clearing the energetic system of blockages so that it can heal itself, when asked.

And, I AM currently creating a new online 'human expansion pack' with my tools hów to access your soul wisdom easily. (see 'expansion packs' page)

Cause sometimes it's just a little burried underneath a lot of 'dirt', and you need a specific shovel to get to the gold. ✨

°•* Ava 

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