"How do you turn this crystal on?"

(for those who've seen the Keuringsdienst van Waarde episode about crystals last week - cringe).

This is crystal energy explained, my way.

I'm aware that there are a lót of visions and opinions about crystals
and 'how they work'. I'm writing this to share my vision and answer a lot of questions I get asked about working with them. About crystals in our lives.

Some say you can 'program' them, that it's bad to touch someone else's crystal or that you need to cleanse them regularly. But, actually, I like to look at them a bit differently. At a more scientific way. Hear me out.


Crystals are a mix of minerals and sometimes other substances, that over time grew in certain atomic grids and solidified because of pressure, temperature or other circumstances in the depths of the earth. Oh yes, those ancient treasures that mother creates under our feet.

For example, what we call a Golden Healer, is simply a rockcrystal 'polluted' with iron. That's why it has this red or golden colour flowing through a transparent stone. Beautiful, isn't it!?

And an Amethyst, ever wondered where it gets its deep purple colour from? Traces of iron, titanium and manganese combined with a little radio activity. In sunlight this radio activity fades, that's why all those Amethysts in the shop windows are so grey and dull-looking. Hits me right in the heart every time I see that. Those pretty babies not being looked after properly.


What I'm trying to explain, is that crystals are solid matter, consisting of minerals and such, vibrating at a certain frequency. This frequency depends on the cocktail of minerals, the density and ofcourse, the colour.

As most of us know who've been diving into science a bit, colour is simply a wavelength that hits our eye. A physical matter soaks up all the other wavelengths, and the wavelength of the colour that it reflects is the colour we séé. Pretty mindblowing right?

So we live in this magical, energetic world full of frequencies and wavelengths. And our physical bodies are influenceable, ever changing and liquid blood-pumping organisms. Reacting to our outer ánd inner world.

Minerals, colours and even words, sounds and thoughts have a frequency or wavelength.

Maybe you are familiar with the research of Dr. Emoto. Who, amongst many other things, discovered how the word 'hate' has a different vibration (and effect!) than the word 'love'.

If you've never heard of him, look up his research on water crystallisation, it'll change your whóle perspective on the body. Water, as a fluid, is very influenceable, and we consist of around 70% of it.


So, every individual crystal is a unique matter, vibrating at its own frequency. Therefor I like to call them crystal babies. Crystals don't need to be cleansed, buried , charged or programmed because they will always vibrate at that frequency. Unless they somehow change their matter, which, they usually don't.

The only thing that cóuld change the frequency, is a change in colour. You see that when crystals are painted, bleached or sprayed with titanium. The energy changes. But besides that, it's solid matter and whatever you do it'll always be thát solid matter vibrating at thát frequency.

They just ARE. There's absolutely no need to change them in any way.

We are the ones that feel the need to 'make them ours' or perceive them as 'dirty' when others have touched it.


What I do when working with them, is carefully placing crystals with a certain vibration on various places on the body, so that your body can start to resonate with it, or not, and change energy. To very gently release blocks, support the function of an organ or boost your chakra, for example.

The body will start to resonate with this frequency. It will always, ALWAYS, want to move towards health. It's her natural state.

It's us, our environment and our minds that interfere.

Crystals can greatly benefit and help us by placing them on our bodies, carrying them with us (if worn at the right place) or placing them in our homes.

Even putting them in our drinking water will change the vibration of it, as water is a changeable fluid and a crystal is not. Don't do this with all crystals though, some will oxidate or react.


A crystal healing is a magical experience. It doesn't even matter if you 'believe' it works or not, they will send out their vibration anyway and it wíll affect you. Conscious or unconscious. These imperturbable frequencies that crystals send out, in évery colour and flavour, are one of the most beautiful creations of earth if you ask me.

So let's appreciate them, take good care of these treasures that she births and give them a home in our lives to support healing and remind us to connect to earth more.

°•* Ava.


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