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'How did you fínd him!?' 


I've been asked this question over & over by my 1-1 soulclients.

Cause he 'suddenly' was there. In my life. On my socials. 

 I was 30 and I thóught it maybe wasn't 'in the cards' for me.

You know, living together. A loving partner. Being a family.

But, it was! I just needed some eh.. discipline around my desires. 

After a few months of dating he sold his house & moved in with me in Utrecht. And after 1 year he sat down on his knee. We got married May 13th 2021, 2 years after we met. Seriously, it was the most beautiful forest wedding and I wore the (green!) weddingdress of my dreams. 

And right now, writing this,

ríght after our honeymoon in England, Wales & Scotland..


I'm pregnant with our first.  :o


Me? Really?

I still feel the líving example of

a fairytale story sometimes.

Like wow, I get to have everything I want?

Yes honey, spirit is here for you.

Friends and soulclients tell me "when I see your relationship now,

having followed all you've been through, I feel it IS possible!"


But, it's definitely NOT like in the Disney movies, k?


You can't just sit in your tower & wait for him/her to magically appear..

(well u could, but that's not what worked for me)

And it's DEFINITELY not going how you thóught it would go..

There's a few things I found out (the hard way)

that helped me get to where I am now tho!

So I've been giving tips & sharing my story 1-1.

I guess it's time to write it all down so it can help/benefit more people.


I DO feel like I need to say, that I don't think there's a '1 way path' & that this works for everyone.

I can only offer you MY experience and what I've learned in my journey to love.

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