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°• o n l i n e   c o u r s e s  +  r e c o r d i n g s *

online course with 7 game-changing body tools to
release the old & transform your energy forever.


healing recording (37min) using 'chakra waterfalls' to cleanse your energy system & start anew.


online course to explore your inner roadmap, learn 5 travelling paths within yourself & access anything you desire. 


energy exercise doing a 4-step basic clean up, removing all that isn't yours nor helpful - to feel yourself again.


healing opname (37min) met edelsteen frequenties om je energie opnieuw uit te balanceren. (in Dutch)

Practical Magic

online course sharing the things I did energetically ánd practically to 'find' my partner on earth & telling our story.

Stone Sorcery

online course for witches & wizards who desire inside tips and tricks about working with the frequency of crystals. 

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